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Our Story

Doodles. Pepe the Frog. Two subcultures that were defined and still are defined by the communities they’re apart of. One of which is primarily defined by online communities; the other, mostly person-to-person contact. They’re different scenes, and that’s the way subcultures work, but we’re here to bridge the gap and bring them together to celebrate the influence they had on futures past, and present. 


Comic artist, Matt Furie’s Pepe the Frog, along with the iconic phrase “feels good, man” became a blank canvas for which cultivated the power of images in the digital landscape.

Since its inception in 2005, Pepe the Frog was already well established as an internet meme before the commoditisation of social media came in, and later went viral during the 2016 US election on the platform 4chan; illuminating the origins of the Rare Pepe NFT project. 


Between 2016 and 2018, the Rare Pepe project expanded to encompass more than 1,700 artworks centred around Pepe the Frog, hosted on a Bitcoin blockchain branch called Counterparty, long before NFTs became what they are today.

In 2021, Matt Furie contributed his own Pepe illustration to the Rare Pepes collection, helping the founding members to infuse the project with new life while they produced more than 250 new digital works.

Although Pepe the Frog took on a life of its own online – and somewhat forgotten along the way – its influence had on NFT culture will forever be historically significant. 

Doodles was released on October 17, 2021, and quickly became one of the most influential and beloved NFT projects amongst true NFT enthusiasts.

From live, immersive events, to unique, innovative project development, Doodles has facilitated their expansion with the growth of their team, including former President of Billboard, Julian Holguin as CEO, and Pharrell Williams as Chief Branding Officer.

Doodles’ aim to become a comprehensive Web3 entertainment juggernaut is well on track with its already released Space Doodles, and future initiatives: Doodles 2, Dooplicator, Space Doodles, Doodle Fundraise and Doodles Records.

From Pepe the Frog's innocent beginnings in 2005, to its resurgence in the NFT space with Rare Pepes, a group of internet aficionados – and Doodles holders – were inspired to resurface its cultural significance as we move towards Web3.

With new NFT collections popping up faster than you can blink, it's becoming harder to determine what's just another animal-themed or pixel art project. And with more adoption into the space, comes with it more rugpulls, preying on early investors with overpromises, then grossly underdelivering.

This has led to NFT technology being widely misunderstood. We seem to have forgotten that in its greatest form, it enables an undisputable trace of origin to the publisher and/or creator of a digital work. That’s why we wanted to bring NFT culture back to its origins – the community, the culture, and of course, the art. 

And so became Peppies. Inspired by the lost, and misunderstood art of Pepe the Frog, we wanted to reinvigorate it with the familiarity of a proven, trusted and well-established NFT brand, Doodles. With your help, we hope to bring these two subcultures together to recognise their influence had, while paving the way forward for the future of Web3.

Our Vision

With a strong foundation, comes a strong community. This is what sets the standard for our vision. Want a roadmap? The roadmap is the project strength; the stronger the community, the more we can offer. But along the way we aim to create meaningful ties to the wider community, while building genuine friendships as we come together to venture on this journey to reclaim the past, for a better future.

Our Team
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Founder & Developer


Matt Chado

Co-founder & Creative



Co-founder & Strategy

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